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who is a HARRY POTTER FAN AND....?

what do you think of him? do you like harry potter? do you belive that he will die in the 7th book? i myself am a hp fan ...say what you want about him...about this subject, about magic....i don't mind....just be honest...thanks....


thank you for answering this question....thanks for all.....

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    I love him too...I can't wait to read the 7th book, I've read all the rest of them at least twice...I love harry potter!!!

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    I'm a fan of harry potter a long time ago and had collected all the books and dvds. Basically, i Think harry is going to die in the last book because he might be one of the horcrux(Book 6:Half Blood Prince). And the only way 4 good-for-nothing Voldemort die is 2 destroy all the seven horcruxes. So, yes. Harry is going 2 die in the last book. But i'm not sure. it's just my theory oh, Ron & Hermione might become couples in the 7th book.

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    I love Harry Potter. I like the books way better than the movies. My son and I started reading these books when they first came out and we just couldn't put them down. No I don't think Harry will die in the last book, but it will probably be one of the main characters. Maybe Hermione or Ron? I hate to see any of them die off but it kind of goes along with the story lines. She is a mud-blood and He is poor and Voldomort hates them both, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  • I Like HP and i hope she does kill him in the 7th book because thats the ending everyone suspects but doesn't think she'll do, but i hope she does! Also someone else is supposed to die, and i hope it's not hermoine because i like her, she's a simple misunderstood girl. But i do hope Draco dies! And another thing i think more magic needed to be used in the books. And that heffer needs to hurry up and finish the 7th book, I'm getting tired of waiting! But you know what i think she's going to come out with an 8th book, i mean really she has made big money on all this stuff she is not going to want to give it all up! Well thats what i think!

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    I'm a HP fan to. I have all the films & books. Some posters to. If you want to find out more about the 7th book look on J. K. Rowling's website. If you want I can give you some pictures and the trailer from HP & the Phoenix Order. Contact me on my messenger ID <midnight_girl97>. I'd like to chat with a HP fan.

    (Are u romanian? if u aren't never mind...daca da, si eu sunt)

    Oh, and you might want to know I'm 13. Most people care.

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    I LOVE all the Harry Potter books and movies. I believe that he WILL die in book 7. The books are totally original and the movies bring that out in them. They are just totally fantastic!!!

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    I am a Harry Potter fan and I think he shouldn't die.. I mean it wouldn't be Harry Potter if Harry died and I think J.K. Rowling won't kill Harry because there has been so many rumours dat Harry will die plus Daniel Radcliffe who believes dat Harry will die and sure J.K. Rowling wants to surprise us.. She must've want the character that die will be totally unexpected.. And if Harry die sure it'll be sad but it won't be such a surprise..

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    ***.....Warning....total speculation ahead.....***

    I heard in an interview with JK Rowling that she doesn't want someone to be able to continue writing her stories after she dies...(like they have done with James Bond and some other popular characters)...as such, I think the shocking ending will be something along the lines of Harry Potter dying, but in doing so ridding the world of the evil of Voldemort.

    Either way, I love reading the books, and can't wait for my son to be old enough to read them as well.

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    ok, i have to say i am a definite fan of harry potter and daniel radcliffe, but i am not really into reading the books, i just really love the movies! I totally think daniel radcliffe is sexxi and i am really mad that in the upcoming movie, that chinese looking girl gets to practically make out with him! NOT FAIR! but i really do enjoy the movies, and i own all of the movies and i totally CANNOT wait to see the upcoming harry potter movie!*************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I like the Harry Potter books a lot. I don't think Harry will die. And do I even have to mention that snape blatantly only killed dumbledore to protect draco and dumbledore's please were for snape to kill him not to spare him? I think Tom Riddle is fascinating (and gorgeous). Hope Christian Coulson is in the HPB film (even though he's a bit old for it).

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