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i need 2 find a bf.?

ok i really want a boyfriend, lik really badly. i want a guy who lives in (or around) chapel hill, is between 12-14,is sexii, loves sk8bording, and is punkrock so if ur lik that or know some1 who is please tell me, e-mail me at


well u dont have 2 b exactly lik that, u could just have some of the qualities, but just sumthing lik that

Update 2:

i didnt ask 4 ppl 2 insult me so stfu!

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    Stick with your dollies until you're old enough for boys. You'll be much safer and happy.

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    1 decade ago

    good luck weeding out the perverts on your email! join a club or get involved with a sport where you can meet and get to know other guys--but don't give out so much info on the internet--be safe!

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    you should not be looking like that because that is when you attract any and everything. just be patient and stop looking and that is when someone will come alone

  • LOL... sorry, that's all I have to say right now.

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