Where can I find out the inflantry that my brother was in? He was in Vietnam/Mississippi?

Also searching for the same question re: my father ,World War 2/Mississippi, He was sent to Camp Shelby.

Thanks for any help.

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    Here is a link to the museum at camp shelby: www.armedforcesmuseum.us. There is a phone number there for the museum's director and from what I know of them they would be glad to try and help with your question. The museum is actually a first class exhibit and covers the activities at Shelby from WWI to the current training going on for soldiers going to Iraq.

    Camp Shelby didn't have much directly to do with Vietnam. I am not aware of any Mississippi National Guard infantry going to Vietnam altough some Army Reserve soldiers from Mississippi did go (I think they were chemical corps).

    Also, Camp Shelby did a lot of in and out processing. I have a relative who was Air Corps and he out processed there.

    Source(s): www.armedforcesmuseum.us Lots of time spent in the heat at Camp Shelby.
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    Contact DOD.mil..Send them their names, rank and social. You maybe able to obtain their medals as next of kin.

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