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How to Care for a Water Frog?

I have an African Clawed water frog. He lives in a tank that holds about 2 1/2 gallons of water. When I originally got him, he was very small and in a smaller tank. Since then I've gotten him a bigger tank and he's grown. I feed him shrimp pellets, and maybe around every month I give him 3-5 feeder minnows to eat. I clean his tank about every two weeks.

Is there any way to improve my care on my frog, and if I'm doing something wrong, can you tell me?

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    This are two sites I found helpful.

    They also have links to others site so you should be able to find what you need.

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    i live in australia and we get a lot of frogs down here so i know a bit about them. first you should get maybe one of those waterfalls leading into a tray so the frogs can sit half under water and spie on you. second the tank needs to be tall frogs like jumping and sticking to trees. but if they only live in water then i just suggest getting a small platform so they don't drown.i know thats sounds odd but i have 2 turtles and they can drown! so i had to get a platform

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    if you are wanting to care for a water frog keep it in cold water and or go to the pet store and ask them

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    Do not ever put your frog in cold water, you want your water to be around medium...which ever you think is not to cold but not to warm.

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