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Nutrition Information help, please .?

I have looked everywhere and can't find any nutrition information on the resturant Abuelo's :Mexican food embassy. I am looking for calories and fat in the grilled chicken salad. if anyone can give this info i would be very appreciative, thank you.

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    I would go their website and if you can't find nuitrion information email them.

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    Actually if it's grilled skinless breast meat, then you needn't be concerned with calories and fat.... they're insignificant. And salad? You've got to be kidding. Salad is loaded with healthy stuff, is very low in calories, and, if you use a low fat dressing, it is virtually fat free. Eating healthy is simple when using a little common sense. If it's deep fried chicken with skin on it, it ain't good for you. If it's as mentioned above, then it is good for you. Here's a tip that may just change your life for the better:

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