How do I find a password?

My child has changed their password so when I turn on her computer I can't go anywhere without having it. Can someone tell me how to find her password? I am afraid she might be into something she shouldn't be and I have asked several times about why she did this and she states it is because she wants privacy. I believe with the change in her attitude and things she does, she is doing something she shouldn't online. HELP!!

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    This all depends upon when the password appears...I'm assuming you have Windows XP.

    1) If it appears in Windows IE where it says "to begin click your user name" chances are you are going to have to do something more complex. Try pressing the F8 key during booting to go into safe mode. Once you are there go and change the Windows passwords back.

    2) If it appears when the computer boots (IE right after the beep and before the windows logo screen shows up) that means you have to open up the computer case, pull out the bios battery (looks like a circular silver watch battery) and then push it back in this will usually set the bios startup password to nothing. It sounds cryptic, yes, but it is really not very hard.

    Once you get back in the system I'd strongly recommend buying a KEYLOGGER program to read all her key strokes and save the strokes in an easy to find text file (IE c:\windows\strokes.txt") so you can see exactly what she's been doing just by reading that text file. Perfect Keylogger is excellent for that kind of thing.

    That way the next time your kid tries to change the password you'll know just how she did it (and how to disable that method so she can not do it again).

    Best luck!

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    The best way would be from where it came from: your daughter. Interrogate her. Threaten to take away her computer unless she tells and shows you what she's been up to online, and takes away the password on her computer.

    If she says you couldn't get rid of her computer, or something to the effect, just take the power cord that plugs it in to the wall. It's small enough you'll be able to take it with no trouble, and the computer it virtually useless without it.

    This, however, all depends on the age of your child. If she is old enough to be out of the house, anyway, she does have a right to keep what is on her computer private. However, since she apparently still lives with you, you do have the right as her parent (and owner of the house) to see anything she's doing, which your daughter should not mind if she's not doing anything she shouldn't be.

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    If you don't have admin rights to the computer you can't get the password. Besides that, you are the parent make her give it to you.

    I have children also, I have all of their passwords, to the computer, to email account etc. They do have all the privacy they need, but knowing that at any time I can access anything they have done on the internet makes them keep their heads on straight

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    At the logon screen press ctr-alt-del .Type Administrator in the upper form , and leave the lower one blank .Press enter.It should work , and it's the easiest way.

    If not , try

    It has tons of ways to toast your computer pasword .

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    If You Cant Find It. You Might Have To Make A New One Up.

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    To find passwords fast and easy you can just go to

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    pc user accoint password . you cant if you want access to that account you need to reset da password . restart da pc . as pc is starting up keep hitting on da F8 key ur come to a munu go to safemode . enter pc in safemode at da. user account screen hit on *ADMIN* account then when at desktop hit on start>control panel

    hit on your child's account name then hit on change password then restart da pc when at da user account screen login to your child's account have a look about then restart da pc again go back in to safemode and change it back to her password that way you can check up every time and dont forget to put your child's password back

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    wow! donot let your minor child surf the web unsupervised. take the door off the hinges. never trade your childs pirvy for your i.s.p (internet srevice provider for help).

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    sounds a bit dodgee

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