how frequently do u charge your cell phone?

how frequently do you charge your cell phone? i charge mine once a day. is this abnormal? is it damaging to the phone? my friened says that if you charge it too much the battery breaks down and you have to get a new cell phone because the cell phone breaks too. is that true?

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    Every battery has its own lifetime (meaning number of charges it can have before it breaks down). You would most probably buy another phone before that particular number of recharges but charging once a day is not quite normal and definitely not that good for the battery. There are certain "rules" that you have to follow in order to help your battery live longer:

    - Charge your cell phone only when needed - when the battery is low.

    - Try not to drop your cell phone.(well, that will damage both the phone and the battery)

    - When necessary to take your batter out, be sure to not let it make contact with metal objects such as change and keys since this may make the battery not work properly.

    - Do not use cell phone charges that are not compatible with your exact cell phones.

    - Don’t leave your phone in a place with extreme temperatures that may be too hot or too cold.

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  • Yes it is abnormal and can cause the battery harm. What is recommended is that you use your battery until it tells you low battery or the phone turns off. Once that happens you must let it recharge all the way for top preformance.

    When i got my first cell phone i did just what your asking anytime it was at two bars or one i would charge it and it ultimatly led up to me having to buy a new battery because the constant charging ruined the internal battery so if i would charge it and it said fully charged as soon as i unplugged it it would say needs charging!

    Now charging it too much won't hurt the phone itself just the battery.

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    I charge mine about once every other or ever three days, and I leave mine on 24/7, plus make frequent calls, so I think it is time you get a new battery. After you get the new one let it run down all the way the very first time and then allow it to fully charge again before you use it, then it should be good to go and hold a good charge from then on.

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    the battery breaks down regardless of how much you charge it. I talked to a friend of mine who works at Verizon. While cell phones have dramatically improved in technology over the past 5 years, batteries have not. If your notice your battery is not holding a decent charge, take it in to your wireless provider, they will change it out for you.

    Hope this helps!

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    not that is bs. i charge mine when it is low mabey every 3 days. but it proabably has a litium ion battery and they do stop working after a while but it is a long time and you would probably get a new phone before then. just like the ipod battery it does stop holding as log of a charge untill it won't chage at all but you can buy a new battery. caarging it everyday isn't going to hurt it.

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    As far as I know, it's not true, but it may be different with different phones. My mom has had to charge hers a few times per day because my brother is on it all the time. It shows no signs of damage yet, and we've had it for about a year.

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    it all depend on how frequent you use the cell phone i.e making call, sms or do you activated vibration function this will use more power than usual but the battery lifetime is shorter than your cell depending how you use it. charge the battery only when the battery is low, this will help longer the battery lifespan

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    I charge my phone when I see that the battery power is half or less .... But don't insist on charging when the phone is full because it will make the battery's life shorter...

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    you should be ok. i charge my phone once a day too, it just depends on how much you use it. even if something happens to your battery you can always buy a new battery! i got my cellphone from I love the chocolate phone.

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