What Is LimeWire?

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    site that lets you download music, movies, programs...etc. Try Morpheus it's better.

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    LimeWire is a P2P (Person 2 Person) program which connects you to the Gnutella network allowing the swapping of files between you and other users. This can be a great tool however it is often abused for copyright infringement, such as downloading a song without paying for it.

    LimeWire is COMPLETELY safe. The original download comes with ABSOLUTELY NO VIRUSES/SPYWARE. All viruses or infections that anyone gets with a new version if LimeWire is through their own fault by downloading a suspicious file and running. I do not recommend you use LimeWire as many viruses are found the Gnutella hidden in files, but if you are smart about it you will get absolutely no infections. Please everyone else who has answered saying it comes with viruses, please get your facts straight before answering. LimeWire is also NOT A WEBSITE where you download files from, LimeWire is a program that you download and run which allows the swapping of files.

  • Limewire is a peer-to-peer platform. Using Limewire you can surf the networks such as Gnutella 1 and Gnutella 2 and eMule as well as torrent sites such as thePiratebay.org and Bittorrent.com

    Advantages: tons of free software, applications, music/mp3/4, torrents, games, porn.

    Disadvantages: stealing tons of free software, applications, music/mp3/4, torrents, games, porn.

    You don't have to pay for any of it- you can opt to from the licensed sites. Most of the internet community 'borrow' or 'share' the music whilst never creating a legal infraction.

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    Limewire is a file sharing program. Some files do contain viruses.

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    It is a file share program that allows you to connect to thousands of others and share music, pics, programs, movies and games.

    You can get anything you like on it, especially my favorite, worms and viruses.

    I would suggest to simply avoid falling prey to the stealing of copyrighted materials. This is illegal and you will get caught. No matter what age you are!

    There have been many sites that are now gone because of this activity. Check the links below to learn more.

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    Limewire is like Napster u pay to get the music...

  • 1 decade ago

    it is a p2p application allowing users to share files from each other. such as music, video, software etc.

  • a music sharing program

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A site to download music....great way to get music you like...

    dis..some songs may have viruses and its illegal to use.

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    i think lime wire means a wire of lime

    get externall help from google

    it will surely help u

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