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What is your opionion on the "Dog Whisperer" on tv?

what do you think of him and his strategies? Have you used any on your dog, and have they worked?

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    I have used advice from the dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, as well as other dog owners that I know and the trainer I used. All advice was great, but what maywork on my dog may not work on your dog. Example..Cesar suggests making your hand into a fist if your dog bites...with my dog, what my neighbour says is better. I just say NO and if need be, tap the nose a little (not hard) and she doesnt do it again. Take advice ANYWHERE you can get it, use what works on your dog! Try one piece of advice for a week or so, then move on to another piece of advice if the first one didnt work. You will fiind what works. Be patient always and persistent.

    If you have a German Shepherd..there is another dog whisperer named Sam ?? Forget the last name, but he specializes with that breed. He works great for me in alot of ways as well. Anyone who has a well behaved dog will know of some advice to give you.

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    Some of the things he says are very good. However, he doesn't seem to put everything he says into practice. It's a TV show, so he has got to take a problem and come up with a miraculous looking solution within a few minutes. I'd like to see what those dogs are like 6 months down the road after he leaves.

    I agree that dogs are pack animals, but my dog knows I am not a dog. I don't smell like a dog or act like one. I am in control of my dog and we are both happy with the arrangement.

    I have been to many dog training classes and I recommend classes rather than the quick fixes he tries to encourage.

    On one of his shows, he was demonstrating his "alpha" position in feeding his own dogs. He put his face in the bowl of a pit bull to show that the dog would allow him to take food away. I thought that was crazy. I can just see some little kid trying to play

    dog whisperer at home and getting mauled. I also noticed on one show that there is a disclaimer telling people not to try some of these techniques at home.

    Many of the problems he tries to resolve could have been prevented if people took time to go to training classes with their dogs and learned how to work with their dogs.

    I think I have mixed feelings about him. I'm glad he is able to rehab dogs, but I don't always think his way is the best way.

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    The first show I saw, I thought "WOW- this guy is GOOD!!" I was so impressed with the show, I told a few friends how this guy(ceasar) would have a troubled leash issues ,barking, behaving bad, any thing.! His control and certiny of the dogs, action and reaction, was unbeliveable!! I have never seen anyone have the skill/gift that he has for working with dogs.

    1 show I saw he had a facility with lots of dogs (alot!) you'd think utter uncontroable choas . w/2-3 dogs? he had about 20 dogs all in check. indivualy and as a group within seconds without yelling, hitting ,intinadation or incentives? Amazing for these dogs, someone really understands and helps!

    Yes I have used what I saw, Yes it works!!

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    I think it is good the show has become so popular & mainstream, as it shows people that THEY are responsible for how their dogs behave, and that changes can be made with proper TRAINING. If it encourages one person to seek training with their dog rather than just dumping it at the shelter when it it does not instantly fufill their idea of what a pet should be, it has provided an invaluable service...and saved one more dog's life.

    Source(s): I worked for vets.
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    My fiance and i have a golden retriever who is calm and well behaved. I don't think she needs any help from the dog whisperer, but my fiances parents have 2 high maintenance mini dacshunds that bark all the time, yipe, bite, dont like other people, only eat human food, and always get their way. I would love to the dog whisperer help those dogs. If he could do that, it would be a miracle.

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    No and I never will. He's fine for dogs who have temperaments so bad they should be put down. He saves dogs who should not be saved.

    The average dog does not need his type of "training". His show only lets you see his successes. Do you have any idea how many of those dogs are still ok a few months later? The majority regress.

    There are a lot of trainers out there who use humane methods and have a 100% better understanding of dogs.

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    I really like Ceaser Millan I think he has a lot of valuable information on dog behavior. My pup is only 5 months old but I have used some of his dog psychology methods on her.

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    I love him & I love that show. It does say on the show not to do the things he does though, because he has so much experience with dogs and knows about their behaviours. So... unless you were really knowledgable about dog training & the such, I wouldn't attempt doing what he does, unless you want to screw up your dog.

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    I think that he is supurb. I watch him and believe his strategies work. He is so pleasant and easy to follow. Saw him on Oprah show this last week. Milan is 6++++++'S.

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    i think he's great. look at the changes he can make with familys and dogs. i try to use his techniques. i mean i would rather have people watch that show and know how to train a dog the right way then go to abuse which im sure many people do.

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