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Pursuit of Happyness...Heartwrenching or Overrated?

I saw the movie and LOVED it... but some friends of mine thought it was overrated.


(there is a "g" in heartwrenching...I'm not sure where it went)

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    First off, one of the answers above says that the Bill of Rights gives us the right of the pursuit of happyness. That's absurd. The term "pursuit of happyness" is from the Declaration of Independence. In response to the question, I really enjoyed it. I thought Will Smith did an excellent job and that it showed how easy it is to fall between the cracks in life.

  • I loved the movie...Will Smith did his thing in that movie and his son is so cute I think the movie is heartwrenching

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    although the us bill of rights guarantees the pursuit of happyness, the govt, will not allow you to excersise that right !, oh and the movie stank !

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    i loved and thought that it was the greatest movie!

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