Ghost dance?

What type of dance is a ghost dance and how can you encorporate gesture and jumping within this?

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    There was a famous dance called 'Ghost Dances'. this is a bit about it:

    Ghost Dances is a haunting portrayal of ordinary folk living under the shadow of death. Moved by the political tragedies that have engulfed the peoples of South America, Bruce created a dance about the everyday lives of those whose loved ones could be snatched away, tortured or killed at any moment.

    (I fount that extrat from the Rembrant Dance Company webpage.)

    It has allot of contact improvisation and jumps and lifts. there were few gestures, but the gestures that were in it were of prayer and pleading. there was allot of running, hops and small jumps in it.

    I hope this helps!!


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    The Ghost Dance is a Native American religious ceremony where the living seek the help of their ancestors. Its not the Funky Chicken.

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    thank you brings gentle. I doubt if this guy is unquestionably Lakota besides. by employing the way he talks he's in simple terms yet another "white" individual taking part in at being "indian" I doubt very lots that he's residing the custom, if he replaced into he could be attentive to that he should not be speaking approximately such sacred issues in a public communicate board like this....

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