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Do you feel a little bit bad about Saddam? Or am I a little too sensitive?

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    I don't feel sorry for Saddam whatsoever.

    I wouldn't call you too sensitive. I'd just think you're sympathetic.

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    God, I was just discussing this with my husband not 5 minutes ago. We read an article on Yahoo describing his death and his convictions. It's not that Saddam didn't deserve his punishment. I just feel a little bad for anyone whose life has ended. He was a very bad man. I think I am just sensitive. But yeah. I felt a little bad. I think what I feel most bad about is that he was a man that thought he was all powerful....he was a man that thought he was indestructable. But he wasn't. He was brought to his knees. And it's the fact that he was so pathetic, must have felt great humiliation and probably was forced to recongnize these facts in his last days that makes me a bit sad. No matter how bad the person is, I think that having to go through those things alone must be terrible. Muched deserved, but sad none the less. This in no way means that I am a saddam supporter. NO WAY! He rightfully had to pay for his terrible acts.

    I agree with some of the others....death was probably the easy way out for him. It was probably a relief for him. I think a small dark cell, accompanied by snakes and rats and a few sharp nails poking out here and there would be fine.....although.....yeah, I'm pathetic, that would make me a little sad in fear the rest of his life. But then again...he did make many others live in fear too. Oh well...I think it is a much more suitable punishment.

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    No I don't not feel bad however, I realize the man did horrible things and he did deserve to die, and the people who were under his control had the right to celebrate, I live in Michigan and about an Hour or so away is Dearborn, it is the second largest place for iraqui immigrants in the world, the only place that has more irquis is Iraq. And last night on the news they showed them rallying out side and celebrating in the streets of downtown dearborn. I think they had the right do that, but the news members were also cheering. I don't think that was right, because it he is still a person, and I don't think the news should have covered it. They kept saying it is a celebration. and I don't think thats right. Hope this helps!

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    Yes. when I heard about the news I felt a bit sad too. All these people are saying, no, you shouldn't feel bad because he's evil. But the truth is, even though he was not a good person, he still WAS a person and it's always upsetting to see someone die. The real reason I feel bad for him is because he did not live his life as a good person, so I'm wondering how much trouble he'll get in with God! He never even put the effort into changing so in that sense, I feel REALLY bad for him, and of course for his family.

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    I used to feel bad for him, when they caught him, he looked like a lost old man, only a shadow of what he once was, but you don't need much to see what kind of person he was. Evil people most of the time look innocent and good but deeds make the person not their appearance and I think that Saddam got what he deserved because like everything in the world,"everything that has a beginning has an end", and he did it with his own hand and died at the hands of his own people.

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    This is a touchy subject for me at the moment.

    I am not defending Saddam...

    What i am defending is respect.

    I'm not sure if you know this but today is Eid for Muslims. A huge celebration because it marks the pilgrimage Muslims make in Saudi...

    To kill a man like Saddam today is beyond comprehension. It shows a lack of respect for Islam and its sacred days.

    I find it extremely ironic that today was the day chosen. It's not coincidence...

    And also, i find it unbelievable that the media has made the world believe all Iraqis are for this. It's so biased and unreasonable and indoctrinated and a million other things.

    I also find it ironic that a man like Saddam was put to death for killing around 20,000 people by another man responsible for thousands more deaths that are increasing by the day (Bush).

    This proves that there is no respect... why today? Why not tomorrow? Why would they hang a Muslim on a day they're supposed to celebrate?

    Holy crap...

    But like i said, i'm not defending Saddam... I'm defending respect.

    Source(s): If you don't understand why this day is so special for Muslims, compare it to Americans hanging Bush on Christmas day. Not very pleasant is it?
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    Pick up today's paper before you post your next question. A little bit bad about Saddam? How about learning a "little bit" about all the crimes and atrocities he committed or ordered done against humanity, against his own people? Get out.

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    Well u have to realize that sadomm was the onewho made this country very sad. HE deserves everything thats happening to him. But u can still feel a little sorry for him that he went the evil way and is now in big troube

    Source(s): my friend had same question
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    did he feel bad for ruling Iraq with an iron fist for 30 years? No, he just continued to call for death to Americans right up until he was 6 feet under. No I don't feel bad for him. A brutal dictator is dead. The world is suddenly a little better place.

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    I am mourning Man's inhumanity to Man. Further killing does not rectify anything or prevent more brutality. I just shut off the TV because they are going to show his body on CNN. I can not understand how aGoverment can lower its morality to the level of the criminal. I follow no religion but do know that the final judgment is not ours to make.

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    It is sad about what happened to him, but look at what he did to others. Being sensitive is not a bad thing, I just wish he were sensitive when he was alive, maybe many peoples' lives would have been different. :)

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