Can someone explain this dream to me?

I remember only bits and pieces of the dream, but I was wondering if someone could analyze/interpret it for me.

1. I was visiting my boyfriend in the dream, but to get into his apartment, I had to climb a very tall ladder and then crawl through a hole the size of a pet door while balancing on a small wooden porch/ledge. In the dream, I was really afraid to go through it, but I did it.

2. Later in the dream, as I was leaving the apartment, there was tons of snow and ice, but I had to get my car out of some deep, sloppy mud. It took a little while, but I did it. The much was deep, rich brown.

3. For some reason, we went to my parents house (in the dream) and we were complaining about how we couldn't afford a house of our own, and my dad said "well, you can live in that extra house we have across the street". This was completely new information to both of us. It was a brand new house (small, but unique) and he said we could rent it for whatever amount we could afford.



Just to answer "monkeylove", My boyfriend and I currently live together and both have very good careers. We have a very good relationship and my parents don't have the means to "give" me anything other than love and support.

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    Personally, I think trying to explain a dream is an exercise in futility. I believe that dreams are just your subconscious mind at play, nothing more. Plenty of people with fertile imaginations may try to explain them but, there's just no basis in fact.

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    His apartment = his world

    Climb Tall Ladder = difficulties, obstacles

    Tons of snow, ice = obstacles, blockage

    Your parents house = comfort zone

    Brand new house = desire

    Looks like there are some problem between you with your boyfriend, or between you and your parents because of your boy friend. It could be due to lack of communication or lack of confidence from you about your boy friend. Projecting ladder, snow, ice, mud is to symbolize problems you are having now. It could be anything. Many times you tend to rely on your parents, but for some reason, you struggle because there are things you do not get what you expected and you feel low in self esteem because there are so much you can do in life. Subconsciously, you feel that you want to gain trust from your parents even though there are some difficulties such as financial, communication problem in your end. Basically, you vent this out in your dream

    Source(s): God's given insight in dreams
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    I do not really know your background but from what you reported that you had to go through quite a lot of 'problems' to get into your boyfriend's apartment - looks to me that you may be facing some kind of problem or undercurrent which you may not reckon probably because you are still so very young. Probably you want your bf so much, but your bf may have other plans. Sorry if I say this, he may only be using you only for his temporary pleasure.

    Source(s): Just get to know more guys and pick the best - some one who's caring, concern, loves you genuinely and faithful.
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    You aren't happy with your boyfriend. You think you give more then he does (hence ladder to access his apartment) and additionally you feel somehow belittled by him, or like he's taking you for granted, like a pet (hence pet door to enter). But you feel like you have a lot committed to this relationship and would have difficulty leaving, or be foolish to leave (hence snow keeping you in his place, away from YOUR car and the way out).

    I'm having trouble with the third one, about the house, but maybe you feel like your parents really like this guy and want you to be with him, and consequently you feel like you'll be shunned by your family if you leave him (hence the "new information" about the easy house - you might have just recently realized the problem).

    I'm not trying to mess with you - this just sounds like a negative dream, to me.

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    You find some aspects of your boyfriend difficult.

    and you struggle with doing things on your own, which is why you, like most children expect your parents to hand you everything you want and need even though you are an adult.

    Go get a job and dump the boyfriend, quit relying on the handouts of others

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    dreams are actually random signals sent by a part of our brain ,put into a sort of patter according to the way we understand things. but sometimes we may think about something to much and see a dream about it----soooo---maybe you were thinking about it --or---its just a subconscious fear you have---or this is similar to an experience someone else you know, had---or just forget about it.

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    sounds like you are willing to go through anything to be with your boyfriend.

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    Dreams are not real, they are just your sub-conscious in REM.

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    it means your boyfriend want you to go in his backdoor.but yall need yall own place so no one will ever know.

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