diabetes millites!!!!!!!!!!!?

is there certain types of food that can decrease the blood sugar level (i dont want drugs that decrease blood sugar)????

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    You need to keep a record of your blood sugars. To make sure that your numbers don't get to high or to low. This way you can take your record to your dr and show him/her that your numbers are either stable or not stable. I do this and its a good indicator for me to see if I need to adjust my medication. Another thing you need to keep a record of is your A1C blood tests that the dr takes. Most drs like the numbers to be lower but if you have the test and find that your number may be an 8 or higher then you may be put on medication. This doesn't mean you will be on medication for the rest of your life. If you do watch your diet it can improve all these numbers. I went from an 8.1 down to 5.4 and hopefully in another month I will have it even lower. And all I did was change my diet. What you want to do is keep your blood sugars level so you don't bottom out. The way to do this is not to starve yourself number one. Or your body will shut down thinking "famine." What you need to do is eat, but eat the proper foods. Breakfast I either make an egg casserole that has broccoli, mushrooms and yes tofu. Tofu is more protein and you don't even taste it. Believe me I was a skeptic too. But this casserole tastes great. I will put the recipe at the end. Another alternative for breakfast is cereal with unsweetened soy milk or skim milk. I went to Trader Joes or any store that sells organic cereal and I combined 3 that I liked. They are high in fiber and are not sweetened with sugar like other cereals. Make sure you do eat your snacks too in between meals. You will find you actually eat more but healthier snacks. Yogurt, or apples or something that you like. What helps alot is to plan your meals too so your not caught off guard. If you need something to carry with you, Glucerna snack bars (carmel nut) are good. Or their meal bars as a replacement for a meal. I carry these in my bag so inbetween classes if I need something I have it and don't have to resort to something unhealthy. Just be more aware of how much sugar is contained in your food and make the appropriate adjustments and choices. That doesn't mean it is boring, you can also eat out but just start educating yourself about Diabetes and the sugars that are in the food you eat. And with this kind of monitoring you should see an improvement in both your A1C and your blood sugars.

    Source(s): Egg Casserole 1 dozen eggs 8 oz medium or firm tofu, mashed 1 cup diced ham or roasted chicken 1 cup broccoli or spinach or asparagus 1 tbsp olive oil 1/2 cup sauteed mushrooms (optional) 1/2 cup soy milk or sour cream 2 tsp dijon mustard 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1 cup grated cheese (optional) 1 Tbsp minced dried onion Beat eggs. Add tofu and mix well. Saute vegetables in olive oil. Allow liquid to evaporate. Add all vegetables and remaining ingredients to egg mixture (except cheese). Pour into 13 x 9 pan sprayed with Pam. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese on top during last 10 minutes of baking. Save your left overs and reheat (microwave) them the next day it tastes even better.
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    Source(s): I Cured My Diabetes - http://diabetescure.raiwi.com/?vdLp
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    Source(s): My Diabetes Gone Completely : http://diabetesgofar.com/?cCsF
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    I recommend the following foods to use and not use for diabetes.

    Limit starchy foods like potatoes, white bread and pasta

    Avoid sugars such as table sugar, honey, sweets and fruits

    Eat lots of whole grains, such as brown rice and multigrain bread, instead of the refined options

    Drink plenty of fluids but avoid artificially sweetened juices

    Avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoking

    Avoid fried and processed foods

    Reduce salt intake

    Use chromium supplements one tablet three times daily will balance the blood sugar and reduce the need for insulin

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    If you mean diabetes mellitus, aka type 1 diabetes, YOU HAVE TO TAKE INSULIN ! Sorry, there is no way around it.

    Your body does not produce insulin anymore, and it is NECESSARY to make sugar enter your cells. The high level of sugar in your blood is a symptom, and not the sickness itself. Your cells are not receving enough sugar, and they do need it to live !

    You can, i mean will, die if you do not take insulin.

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    Sorry to say but only insulin will do that. Do you have type 2? If you do just watch what you eat. If you have Type 1 then you NEED insulian!!!

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    consume less are no salt ,cut off sweet drink ,less food with starch ,less fat ,drink mostly water for liquid in take,use splenda as a source of sugar,use Mrs dash seasoning on your meat ,avoid fast food as much as you can

  • You need to take what your doctor prescribed for you. But you can supplement your diet with ampalaya capsules or ampalaya tea. Ampalaya is also known as bitter melon.

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    dont know

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