What cookie recipes do you recommend for mailing?

And how to pack them? The package will take 2 weeks to get there.

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    By it taking 2 weeks, I assume they're going overseas. If it happens to be to a military person in the desert, here are some good tips. Even if it's not going to the desert, these are good guidelines!!

    To ensure that baked goods will withstand the high desert heat, please review the tips below:

    No butter, margarine, peanut butter or nuts should be used. These fats will go rancid too fast in the high heat. Butter flavored vegetable shortening is a better alternative.

    No brown sugar, corn sugar, honey, or molasses should be used. The baked goods will be too soft and possibly become moldy.

    Only white table sugar should be used.

    Chocolate & butterscotch can be used in baked goods. Once chocolate has been baked into the product and has the chance to take up moisture from the batter, the chocolate will stay rather firm.

    Bar cookies and brownies are the best bets for safe packing and are quickest for baking large quantities.

    Baked goods should be wrapped tightly in aluminum foil, which provides the best barrier against humidity.

    Pack goodies in sturdy boxes and surround them with foam packaging material such as Styrofoam "peanuts."

    Recipes that follow the Middle East guidelines and tips from the Toll House Kitchen

    Desert-Safe Recipes:


    Welcome to NESTLE VeryBestBaking.com


    Welcome to NESTLE VeryBestBaking.com


    Welcome to NESTLE VeryBestBaking.com


    Welcome to NESTLE VeryBestBaking.com

    Many concerned groups and individuals across the country have expressed interest in sending baked goods to the U.S. troops in the Middle East. In response, the Toll House Test Kitchen has modified favorite Toll House recipes to withstand the desert heat and to meet the restrictions of the Middle East countries. Middle East countries prohibit the following because they are contrary to the Islamic religion:

    the entry of pork or pork by-products

    alcoholic beverages (or items containing any alcohol, including vanilla)

    home-baked treats should not contain allspice or nutmeg - spices are considered aphrodisiacs.

    A card should be included with the package stating that the products were made following these guidelines. This will facilitate passage into the country.

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    Packing cookies in unsalted popped popcorn is one way to get them there safely. And the person gets two treats in one -- the cookies and the "packaging."

    The problem with the two weeks' mailing time is that a moist cookie is apt to mold and a dry cookie may be stale before it gets there. Shortbread or Russian tea cakes may survive the trip since they're a balance between moist and dry. A drier chocolate chip cookie or peanut butter cookie may be OK, too.

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    The sites the other person recommended will be good for ideas of what kind, but if you can I would put them im a GOOD container like rubbermaid or tupperware to help insure freshness as these are MORE airtight. May even pack in dry ice to help insure freshness.

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    When my husband was in Iraq, I would bake m&m, sugar, or chocolate chip cookies to send to him. I would bake them just a few minutes short of being done. Put them in ziploc baggies or rubbermaid containers, with a piece of bread, and make sure all the air was out. Just make sure you mark your box fragile. I know he did sometimes get them broken up, but he said they were still good.

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    check out the sites which have gud cookies recipes.select the one according to ur flavour and taste.






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