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why would women leave a guy that they say he is perfect?

i was left by 5 girls that said i was to nice to them and i was wasteing my time with them because i could do better then there calling me non stop to get back with me and always wanting to have sex.(thick penis)

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    I think you just answered your own question. But if they want to break up w/ you it has to be for a reason. Maybe you are saying or doing something wrong without realizing it. Alittle self analysis goes along way.

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    It depends on the girls you are seeing. It seems these girls have nothing on their mind except sex. They like you because you give them the sex experience they want. You are obviously sleeping around with girl after girl and you are running the risk of getting aids or worse and also getting someone pregnant if you haven't already. Don't think for one moment if some girl get pregnant by you that she will run out and get a divorce because she just might do the opposite and then you be responsible for a child whether you like it or not. What are you looking for in life or in a girl? If you want to find a girl to marry then you are going about it all wrong. Stop going to bed with every girl you meet and start respecting them and building a friendship and growing to love a girl and start treating a girl like a lady and you start being a gentleman instead of a stud who treats girls like sex objects.

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    I was talking to a guy that sounds exactly like you.

    he took all the time in the world for me and bought me all kinds of presents constantly, wrote me songs and poems and decorated my apt for the holidays. He was funny and sweet.


    he was frigin creepy.

    I wasnt aloud to talk to any of my friends that were guys and the ones that were girls he bashed constantly then when they asked him about it called me a repulsive liar. Um i think I cant remember when they say my best friend is making me a horrible person.

    I will never date a aperson that tells me what to do. I dont care who you are. I am too independent and too opinionated.

    plus He would brag about how the ladies love sex with him

    I thought he sounded dirty

    and I cant stand someone who is stuck on themselves.

    plus he was too short for me. :)

    you just know maybe there just wasnt any chemsitry

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    Sounds like they only wanted you for sex only, then felt bad about using you for just your body when the realized that is all you have in common.

    If they keep coming back it is because they miss the sex, but, well, sad to say, not you, which only makes them and you feel worse, which is why they spew their original you are too nice statement.

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    Because most women don't really know what they want. They are always looking for a better looking guy. When they strike out they come back to you. This has happened to me a few times. I never take them back because I am a decent looking guy and a good lover so I don't need them back.

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    Believe it or not it could be fear of commitment and I'm speaking from experience. A lot of times that perfect guy comes along and things seem to be falling into place and all of a sudden there's panick and you just want to pull away. It can also be the fear of not measuring up to that perfect guy. Feeling that he may one day realize that you don't measure up and that someone out there will fit him better than you.

    I could go on all day but the main thing from experience and from my girlfriends is fear of not measuring up, fear that one of you guys will find someone better out there (namely the perfect guy)

  • Girls are like that. Totally sucks for the nice guys out there. Then they go and complain that they can't find a nice guy, when girls like that make guys not want to be nice.

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    Girls are just afriad of finding the right guy and then getting hurt.Just keep trying STUD

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    Obviously, you're not as thick (in the penis area) as the other guys they have sex with after they dump you.

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    obviously you are conceited. Maybe thats the problem and I have noticed more often than not the ones bragging are the ones that arent all that

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