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What should I talk about with this new girl I met recently?

What kind of questions I should ask her?? Can please you give me examples??

I don't want the conversation to get bored..

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    ask her about her family, about her lifestyle and tell her some gud jokes

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    Start off with the simplest things. What's your favorite color? Fav food? How many siblings do you have?

    Starting off with simple things are the best. That way, if you ever decide to take her somewhere, like a resturant, you'll know her favorite food. And if you ever want to buy her something, you'll know what color she'd prefer.

    But don't be cheesy. Ask her these goofy question at random or casually fit them into the conversation. She'll think that you're cute, funny, and interested!

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    Your interests- ask her what interests her and share with her your interests and go from there. You'd be amazed how long you can talk about some stupid show or a subject in school. there are plenty of things out there.

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    Not to make it boaring, you should make it pure fun!

    Be playful, best is to make fun of others..don't get me wrong, you should not obviously make fun of others but it does with celibrities, teachers etc. And it starts a new topic too! If she is funloving, ask her who is her favourite celeb and make fun of that for short time..if she's irritated, then its a turn off for her but most of them like ocational last tell her that her fav is your fav too!

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    ask her about her school,hobbies,interests,dreams,favorite food, favorite could ask her to watch a movie just like a date......try some jokes when you are talking..don't get too must stay cool and look charming

  • Ask her about her interests. What are her hobbies? Find out what you two have in common.

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    common interests, movies, tv, make fun of celebertties....

    If she's a sports chick NFL playoffs are coming up soon, your and hers history (where you went to school, about your family...)

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    listen to what she says VERY CAREFULLY cause shell tell u wat to talk about, as well as leave subtle hints almost deaf to the male ear. stick away from past loves and dont get into opinionated discussions such politics

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    not about politics, not about religion, ANYTHING BUT THAT!

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