i have a psp and i also have a memory card..1gb..now how can i insert songs or pics inside that memory card???

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    download psp video 9 (it's free) and add files to it by hooking your psp up to the pc through a usb port. then follow instructions in psp video 9


    there are other programs that work also just search for one. if you don't have a cable for it yet go to the store and get the cable and program that they sell it isn't very mutch cost and is a little better than psp video 9

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    ok lets start. when you bought your ipod, were you given a usb wire as well? if yes you should plug the one side of the wire on your ipod and the other side on your usb input on your computer. When you do so your windows will search for a new decide, in that case the ipod, and then will automatically install on your computer as a hard disk drive or memory stick drive. either way. from there on you will be ready to copy paste your files including mp3s, picture etc on your ipod via your computer

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    Use a usb and get stuff from your pc. Make sure the memory card is in it though

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