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Do you swim faster in water or in syrup?

is the experiment a hoax? why I can't find any pictures or videos of someone swiming in syrup? If you've seen it please post a link.

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    The article mentions no more than a 4% difference in swimmers times (water vs syrup) and states neither one has an edge of the other.

    I would tend to agree for two reasons

    1.) As mentioned by many the syrup is viscous and would tend to slow a moving object

    But in addition:

    2.) The same viscosity and thickness of syrup would offer the swimmer a better medium to pull themselves along with.

    I suggest that one effect of the viscosity is counteracted by the other... Further I would bet that you would spend a greater effort

    swimming in syrup to overcome effect of viscosity.

    So this experiment has a flaw in it as it is comparing just speed of swimming in water vs syrup without taking into account the difference in work needed to swim in either medium.

    There would also be a buoyancy difference which could also aid a syrup swimmer maintain a more streamlined position in the liquid.

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    people swim faster in water because the viscosity of the syrup is high causing a lot of resistance. Water is less viscous allow people to move easily through it.

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    Nice One!! Didn't know it was such an old problem(Newton and Huygens)

    But it clearly metion that SHAPE'S IMPORTANT and because increasing thurst nullifies increased viscosity and the end result remains unchanged.

    My prev answer:

    Naturally Water.....because viscosity of water is less than syrup

    Source(s): Changed my answer after reading the article!!
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    We swim faster in water. Syrup offers much higher resistance due to greater viscosity. [the drag is much more]

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    Water ofcourse , this is because syrup has higher resistance ( syrup is of higher viscousity )

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    Its like saying can you swim faster in water or ice.

    Obviously we can swin faster in water than in syrup.

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    water, syrup is very thick and sticky.

    plus, who wud rather swim in syrup than water.

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    syrup, NEVER heard of SWIMMING in syrup BEFORE! thats just weird I HAVE TO SAY WATER!

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    syrup is way thicker therefore it is harder to swim through it

  • Water!!!!!

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