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A question about bhagavad gita help please?

Does bhagavad gita says we should not love someone strongly.Because I love a girl i fear there is no escape from it as she is beautiful my mind starts to think about her all the time i am plunged,i am unable to control my senses.Why does bhagavad gita says that we should not love someone strongly.Is it wrong to love someone according to bhagavad gita

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    It is all about non-attachment. That's all I know. I dont really understand how far that principle goes.

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    Don't be afraid of loving someone intensely. Let it flow. I too am in love with someone intensely and deeply with all of my heart. And it was my Satguru Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) whom is a Krishna incarnation that matched me with my current love. I have complete trust in where this is taking me. I too am currently studying the Bhagavad Gita.

    I don't obsess over not following the Gita to the letter 100%. I do it in stages, bit by bit. I focus on the parts within myself that I can change for the better such as stopping eating meat, quitting caffeine and alcohol, stop biting my nails, control my anger, and so on. I've changed a lot this year. I'm not the same person I was a year ago all because of Amma. She brought out the best in me.

    I look at my current love relationship as an opportunity to serve Amma, Krishna, God. I allow it to teach me to be more giving without expectations, to learn how to let the river of love flow through me, to feel closer to Divine Love. Sometimes I worry that my always thinking about my love is taking away my focus on Amma or Krishna, but I work on keeping a balance. It didn't even deter me from my focus. I had my very first dream of Krishna a week ago when He came to me to develop a closer relationship with me.

    So don't worry about it. Just go with the flow. Krishna will guide you where you are meant to be. Just surrender to it. Always tell Him your concerns and questions, and He will give you the answers. Just pay attention to what comes your way. You will experience syncronistic moments when He is communicating with you. I get that all the time from Amma. I ask Her questions, and I get answers all the time. It's awesome! Good luck!

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    hey dude ...never in Bhagavath Gita anywhere it has mentioned not to love strongly or slightly. All it says to give unconditional love to all the living things on earth.

    Then controlling of senses is only meant for sanyasis who dares to renounce all the earthy possessions and not for those who are interested to lead family life.

    So if you have fallen love with a girl please try to understand she is also an another part of divine like you(as per gita all living things are nothing but god itself) which means you are loving god itself.

    Hope you understand:)


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    Where does Behaved Gita says that you should not love ? It never mentions any where that that you should not love. You should be attached and detached at the same time. It says do your best and leave the fruits to the God. You should not be attached tot he fruits. You try your best and leave the result to God to take care of.Be in equilibrium in thick and thin.

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