Why is it that people are always looking for love, but when love comes by fight it_?

I have a hard time expressing my feelings towards someone. I try to be a nice guy and do things that are good. I keep my mind open when it comes to relationships. This year I have meet someone really special in my life. I feel that I am in love. In fact I know that I am in love. I have never felt this way towards anyone in my whole life. In my relationship, I can also feel love from their heart. I can feel something very special. But why is it difficult for them to admit it.

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    Admitting you are in love with someone makes you vulnerable to them. People don't like to give up that kind of control unless they are sure that is what they want.

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    When that chemistry clicks, feelings can creep in that say "this love can't be real." Your partner may fear being hurt, so she hesitates being open with her feelings. Be patient, respectful and kind. Be attentive without smothering her time. Plan an event or a special date you know she will enjoy. Send her flowers, let her know you care with "behavior".....walk the talk....hold off on the sexual part of a relationship until you are both on the same page.

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    Everyone expresses love in their own way and some take longer than others. Some may feel love differently from others and just because you feel love from this person does not mean that they feel love for you. It may be that you are misreading them in some way. They may love you as a friend and nothing more even though you know you feel a deep love for them. Don't assume anything because you get in trouble doing this. Why don't you ask the person how they feel about you?

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    people are scared 2 fall in love as it hurts a real lot

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  • 1 decade ago

    They may not know how to show it. They probably were not raised to show and admit how they feel. Give it time, they will learn from you.

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    they are scared....from getting hurt...

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