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Do you think PSP is better than DS???

Which is better,DS or PSP?(I have a DS,and they ROCK!!!!!)

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    In my opinion, i think they are both great. I already have a psp and i am planning to get a Nintendo ds lite very soon. The few things they have in common is they both have a lighted screen and neither of them require batteries because they both use chargers.

    The differences of the psp is it really only comes in one color, which is black. Also, the graphics are much better plus not only can you play games on the psp but you can also play videos and listen to music as well. Most of the psp games are made for teenagers, but there are a couple of games that are made for children too. The price range for psp games is from $20 to $50 and the actual psp system costs $250.

    The Nintendo ds Lite has not been out as long as the psp but it has really become a favorite for children of all ages. Sure, the graphics aren't as good as the psp, but I think that the games are more fun. The ds lite comes in a variety of colors such as polar white, onyx, coral pink, ice blue, and enamel navy. The cost for a ds lite is about $130 and the price range for the games are from I think $20 to $35.

    They are both great and I say get both. I hope this helps.

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    It really depends on your preferences. The DS and PSP are not really comparable, but I'll try.

    The DS has a unique controll scheme with the touch screen, which allows for endless innovative games. Its games are also a bit less expensive than the PSP games.

    The PSP, on the other hand, focuses more on the technology itself, having better graphics and multimedia capabilities, as well as a web browser.

    As for my personal preferences, I'd have to say DS. I just love the endless uses of the touch screen for so many different games.

    Its sorta like comparing the wii to the xbox 360. They just go in different directions. Because Nintendo is taking that approach, it is really impossible to compare them.

    And the poster below me is severely lacking information. DVDs do not play on the psp. Only UMD videos do, and those only work on the PSP, as well as not having that many movies available and games ARE LESS EXPENSIVE on the DS AND THE DS DOES HAVE WIFI PLAY!

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    Psp is Definitely better! It has Movies, Pics, Mp3, Internet Browse, DVD, AND WIFI!! And the DS has just ultra expensive Games...

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    well i have both. i have 2 ds's and one psp (had to get a ds lite). i think they both are good at what they do but the ds is a lot better now with the redesign of the lite. i like both and i don't think it is fair to compare the two, they are very different. the ds has lots of types of games the psp dosen't (my favorite game is brain age) the ds used to lack games but now they have lots of good ones but the psp hasen't had a good game in a while.

    but i can tell you this the wii is mutch better than the ps3 and sales will show that.

    got to get me a wii

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    i think psp is better because nitendo has been coming out wit different things and psp has came out wit a portaple playstation

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    i think psp is better.

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    much better and superior in resolution analysis, colors, graphics and overall performance.

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