baby has flu?

my 9 month old has the flu and was throwing up for 2 days and still has diarreah , he seams to be feeling a l;ittle better but his appeteite is not as it was before, is this normal? he dont really want to drink as much formula as he used to

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    This is not meant to sound smart alike, but how do you feel when you have had the flu? He is going to feel about the same. Give him a few days, he will be back on course!

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    Have you taken him to the doctor yet? If not, you should, as he could become dehydrated from the flu and that can become life-threatening. Your son won't have as big an appetite as usual until he's really well, his tummy doesn't feel that great right now. As long as he's still wetting his diapers, he's probably not dehydrated. But keep trying to get fluids into him and see the doctor. It's also possible that you may need to change your son's formula, he may be lactose intolerant and may need to have soy or rice formula. Ask the doctor.

    Source(s): Mother for 18 years - lots of tummy flu!
  • A homoeopathic Medicine

    Influenzinium 30

    thrice dialy

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    A lot of these answers are right on track. I am an EMT and I would recommend you take this kid to the ER because he could develop something called hypovolemic shock, which could kill him.

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  • NO!!if children have a high surface area,because of this they become dehydrated easily.Is he still vomiting?has he stopped drinking?do his eyes look sunken?does he look tired and washed out?have the wet nappies reduced in number?

    if so,you need to go to ED,he will need hydration via nasogastric tube,hell he might need IV fluids!!

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    poor baby, yea its normal. take gd care of him.

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    baby has more weak immune system... so its normal

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