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Do you think that men are forever slaves to women in love and lust?

Do you think of causality.why do girls affect us when they dress sexy and when they look lovely.Do you think not loving these women is impossible and we are out of control.Do you think there is no escaping from the nature of women.Why can't you control our mind and senses why do we think about whom we love all the time.Are men forever slaves to women in love,sex and lust.Is there a way to escape from this causality of women

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    I don't see anything wrong with it as long as the feeling is mutual. It's when one side could care less about the other that it's torturous.

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    We live in a neurotic society that trys to make us everything except what we are. People have to learn to think for themselves.

    I was never ready for a woman until I could give myself some of the things I was dependent on a woman for: feelings of security, being worthwhile, direction in life, cooking my own food,

    It takes emotional growth before we are ready for intimate relations with the opposite gender.

    Our first disillusion in life is about Santa Claus.

    Then along comes marriage.

    People get along in life telling themselves that yes, they are uncomfortable now but marriage will take care of that later. They manage to cope and grow emotionally so some extent. Then marriage and euphoria that one has "arrived". But now the emotional growth stops and human potential atrophies. Dependency destroys the relationship. Depression sets in and a person is worse off than before they got married. If they only get back to where they were before they got married then they will repeat the same mistake.

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    Men are desgined to be captivated by a woman's beauty. Just as women long to be delighted in. No escaping it. And that's not such a bad thing, now is it? We fulfill one another's needs. Everyone wins.

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    Dear whomsoever over there,

    We just can't help but to appreciate beautiful things, but that doesn't mean that you have to fall in love with that beautiful thing.

    Having said that, be loyal to your partner and avoid promiscuous sexual activity.

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    Come on! !

    Dating is all about manipulation on both sides, it just depends how good you are at it.

    Next time your girlfriend (if you have one) tries to 'enslave you' with her feminine wiles, just ignore her, I can almost guarantee she will fight for your affection.

    Just remember, sex is fun!! As long as you aren't being manipulated, enjoy it!

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    Oh yes! You guys have to be our slaves forever--we're gonna use our bodies and our sexuality to forever entice you and hypnotize you into out lairs! We want you so badly! You're under our love spells and we'll never let you be anywhere else--***--***--get sum baby!!

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    sorry no escape to tell the truth i don`t want to escape.but unless your deaf dumb and blind their is escape.

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