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I am looking for a hair stylist that specializes in naturally curly hair. How do I find one?

I am looking in the Houston, TX, east side (Clear Lake, Pasedena, Webster...). I wear my hair short to medium length and everyone I have gone to in the last few years cuts it TOO SHORT and for a straight style. Please help!

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    Well, I would ask your local hairstylists, and specifiy that you want someone who works mostly with curly hair.

    I have that problem, my hair is also medium and curly, so they cut with for straight hair then once you try and style it yourself, if looks like you're growing out a bad haircut.

    Goodluck, I'm sure you could also call the high end hair salons and they can recommend somewhere, even if it's not in their salon.

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    take it from me

    I have the curliest hair you wil ever know

    ringlets and veyr kinky.

    first off

    there is no "Curly Hair " specialist.

    Each individual stylist should be trained in handling curly hair and its just how to maintain it and so fourth. First off

    depending on the texture or your hair I would say if it feels dry all the time you need to do a deep conditioning 3-4 times a week and when I say deep I mean when you get out of the shower put conditioner in your hair and sleep with it in then get another shower and rinse it. Once you have your hair fully conditioned you are ready to get a cut.

    agaiin depending on how you wear it it can be varied I have never had my hair any more then an inch above my shoulders my hair is too thick to go shorter so i recommend you tell your stylst to leave the length and cut ALOT of layers.

    layers even out curly hair and make it look most healthy.

    no hair should TRULLY b the exact same length cuz every curly is different. Moderate the lengths and maybe try gorwing your hair out a little bit. I twill be a nice change and you can straighten it, I starighten mine alot I am very versatile but it is because I am the typical take care of my hair more then you ever know kind of girl. Trust me@ Good luck!

    Source(s): I have curly hair and my mom is a stylist
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    I had the same problem. The same stylist cut my hair for almost 15 years. When I moved, I ended up driving 50 miles to the same stylist because I was afraid to have anyone else do my hair.

    I finally started asking around at work and calling various salons til I found someone who had the same type of hair. After all that, my new stylist disappeared. One of the other stylists in the salon said she used to do her hair, which was the same as mine. I kid you not...I was terrified, but I took the plunge and let her cut my hair. She did a great job.

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    They use a pair of scissors that decrease the hair in different lengths and sure it somewhat is going to frizz extra because it has countless different short products of hair everywhere in the pinnacle. i think of it may be extra convenient to easily use a product to straighten it or defrizz it after the some point you will like it.I promise I even have thick curly hair and now i like it! My daughters the two do besides and now as they're older can restoration it lots of different tactics .additionally how previous are you? Our hair differences with age and oftentimes at puberty it softens out some too.

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    Try finding a hair stylist who has naturally curly hair and has to

    deal with it herself. Or ask someone on the street who's hair looks like the way you want yours and ask where they get it done.

    Source(s): Experience.
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    ask friends and if you do find a styists talk to them and ask for a certificate showing they passed beauty school!

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