How many periods are there in the periodic table?? (now)?

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    18 periods. This is definetely correct.

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    Periods: The properties of the elements are a periodic functions of their atomic number. This means if you arrange them by atomic number and place them side by side you would start a new row when a property pops up that you've already seen. many rows are there on the Periodic Chart?

    (don't let those two rows at the very bottom fool you; the are supposed to fit into rows 6 and 7 but then we wouldn't be able to put charts on the wall or in our notebooks. They are at the bottom just to shorten things up a bit).

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    "The periodic table of the chemical elements is an arrangement of the elements ordered by atomic number in columns (groups) and rows (periods) so as to emphasize their periodic properties."

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    At the present.. there are seven(7)

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