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Wich QB Should i put in for Championship game?

Tom Brady V.S. Tennessee or Marc Bulger V.S Minnesota.

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    He's my fantasy QB and he has been pretty consistant. I think he'll have another great week like last week vs. the Redskins. Man, I still can't get over the stats he had last week: 388 yds. 4 TD.

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    Marc Bulger is on fire right now. Minnesota has the worst pass D in the league and both starting CB's are injured for them. Bulger will have a free for all out there. Brady is very consistent, but the Rams are in a must win and will be desperate to score as many points as possible.

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    Tenn DEF has been lighting people up. Brady is one of the leagues best QB's.

    Minn is one of the best run DEF. That would mean Bulger would have to throw the whole game. MINN not as good on the pass game.

    I see Bulger and Holt playing caught the whole game. Plus he threw 4TD last week. Could get 3TD this week.

    Bulger is your QB.

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    Bulger. The Vikings run defense is the best in the league, so he'll be passing alot today. He had a good week last week, and the Rams playoff hopes are on the line, look for him to put big numbers.

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    marc bulger should start because the patriots have alreay locked up a playoff spot and might not let brady play pass the 2qt marc bulger will be playing like a mad man to win because they are still in the playoff hunt

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    BULGER and the Rams pass game will make the Vikes look boys playing a mans game...take it to the Brady is a little nicked up...Good luck

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    Bulger for sure. Word is that Brady will not play entire game.

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    wow, normally I would say Brady due to his typically invinsible stats but he has proven that he is no longer Mr. Invinsible. I would go with Bulger, its pretty clear that STL defense is going to be a no show, I think they'll be looking at Bulger, Holt, and Bruce to keep them in a tight game.

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    Marc Bulger, he is hot right now, very hot!

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    I would choose Chris Leak vs. Troy Smith .The real National Championship is played in college, not the NFL

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