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How many of you have not been in a relationship?

How many of you, say 21 or older have not yet been in a relationship, one that both people involved would admit that the other person is his/her girl/boyfriend, or more? I'm almost 22, and practically everyone I know has had a relationship at some point, but I haven't. I'm male by the way and I've liked girls, but it hasn't gone farther than that. It's everywhere; TV, Music, Movies - out in the real world. It makes it seem like not having a girlfriend or boyfriend, especially at 22, is unreal. Is having been in a relationship at least at some point in your life or before you turn 21 really that common?

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    I'm almost 21 and never have been in a relationship. I've done things with guys but I just can't find the right kind of guy that I want to go out with.

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