Was dhoom 2 worth all the hype?

In my personal opinion, yes and no.

Yes Because:

1. Excellent music (even a tad better than the original dhoom).

2. Two words. aishwarya rai.

3, Haritik roshke's acting was pretty impressive... and he did a great job seliing himself as the bad guy (something srk couldnot do in don and i doubt will be able to do in dhoom 3).

4. It had a lot of funny parts.... especially with bipasha basu.

No because:

1. The ending was kind of so-so. Especially the parts were they try to explain y certain things happened (such as ash faking hiritik's death) were a total disastrous.

2. Some of the parts were way too identical to the original dhoom

3. not enough fighting.... but this was not necessarily a bad thing

What do u think?


whoa u wasted 200 bucks on it..... ever heard of sometime called youtube or lime wire?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dhoom:2 was definately worth all the hype.Hrithik's incredible performance, Ash's hot looks and Bips best performance,the coolest stunts ever ,best music ever which has outdoored every single bollywood movie definately requires all the hype.Cheers!

  • 1 decade ago

    well i basically agree with all of your reasons except for the aishwarya rai part cause im a girl, though her acting was pritty good. i think it basically lived up to the rep, and all of em acted well. i didnt watch the first one so im not sure about the 2nd reason. totally thought hritikh was better than srk (i think SRK should take a break soon and then later on come back and do the dad thing like amitah).

    so yeah i think it kinda was worth the hype and it was pritty good if you leave just before the ending. lol so yeah. and the fighting was enough for me.

    (i think a movie that was a super let-down was Khabi Alvida Na Kehna, total wash-out and loooooong and if im not mistaken, the moral of the story is have an affair)

  • 1 decade ago

    **** NO MAAANNNN Watse of 200 bucks 4 me ...

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