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How does the black community in Durham feel now, in light of the Duke Lacrosse Rape case has fallen apart.?

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    I live 30 min.s from Durham,I have friends that are black and the subject isn't even brought up but I think the bigger issue is that the girls were out doing what they were doing in the 1st place-they should have more self respect.I know several friends that would agree.

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    probably gonna cry about it, truth is there was never a case the little black whore lied she should be tossed in jail for 20 years, to be given some time to think about it.

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    Likely they feel as any other race - if there's clear evidence then proceed to trial, if not then let the DA make a choice to dismiss.

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    There's a bit of strep going around, otherwise I'm sure they feel quite good.

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