Madrid or Krakau?

I'm planning on going to Europe in early Feb. What's the better town to go to both for partying and History? Considering the euro vs. the zloty?

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    Both cities you're considering are historically rich. But MADRID is richer (in historical events) of course.

    Krakow is only limited to the WWII holocaust and local history and partying wise, I don't have to mention that it's not on the partying map of Europe.

    Madrid can offer what you're looking for. Knowledge, a little wisdom, a little pondering on Spain's role in European and world history AND most of all, after all those mind-numbing knowlege sponging... PARTYING TILL YOU DROP!

    Enjoy your trip my friend! And go to Madrid first to be sure you'll have the best February of your life! And who knows, the best Valentine date you're dreaming of....:-)

    Source(s): I lived in Madrid most of my life and I've been to Krakow twice in 2005.
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    Atmosphere in Krakau is unique... but I have not been in Madrid yet

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    It depends what you like, but please note that February in Poland is usually the coldest month of the year.

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