how much sugar can you have a day while pregnant?

Does anyone know how much sugar is good, and how much sugar is bad. I am eating yogurt for breakfast which says 20g of sugar is that high or low?

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    It depends on the person and how much your body is used to. If you have diabetes, including the gestational type, then 20g may be too much. I am guessing that the less added sugar you have the better, though I doubt having a tub of yogurt with 20g of sugar will hurt.. (how big was the tub? - is that 20g per 100g or per serving - and if it's serving, what's the serving size??? only then can I honestly say whether or not it is high or low. Try and keep it below 10g per 100g - the lower the better)

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    In most pregnancy's you really dont have to count the grams of sugar you eat in a day... Just dont over load the sugar thats not good on the baby... However when i was pregnant with my daughter i had to watch my sugar closely.. Eating sugar waffers before i got outta be that way it would raise my suagr level and then not eating much through the day because my sugar level would get really high..... but anyway.....

    Just go by what you and your doctor have talked about an dyou will be ok...

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    Everyone should avoid refined sugar. Yogurt had added refined sugar and natural sugars from the dairy and the fruit.

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