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Christmas television?

I know xmas is a time to celebrate,To give and receive,but why oh why do we get the same cr@p on the tv every year.

All i ask is we get one good movie,ive seen scrooge 50 times.

Never thought id say be glad to go back to work.

one more thing,MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.

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    I love the movie Scrooge---But yes I do agree they could use some new ones;

    Happy New Year and Bah humbug

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    That's why we have the college bowl games:) When you can't watch a Christmas Story, Scrooge, or Miracle on 34th street anymore or you'll scream, watch sports!

    Happy New Year!!

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    Yes and of course the worst offender is 24 hrs of A Christmas Story. Its funny but it isn't even very Christmasey.

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    I'm with you. Merry "belated" Christmas

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