When Does A Dog Need Heartworm? and how many times?


my mini dachshund gets the heartguard, just I remember giving him one and then the vet never said he needed anymore but I was just spazing for a sec worried my little guy was in danger but maybe hes not, I will just call my vets and find out.

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    Use a pill once a month for preventive purposes. Heartgard is good.

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    They should get the Heart Guard once a month. The shot Has been banned as it caused some dogs to die because it was very toxic. Just stick with the once a month treatment. Heartworms can be a threat the whole year round.


    Preventive doses come in oral and topical versions, products like Heartguard, Interceptor, heartworm treatment and ProHeart are given monthly. Revolution is a new preventive applied topically. Some of these drugs also kill other parasitic worms, and Revolution also acts against fleas, ticks, and mites.

    Many veterinarians including the team at Vetstop recommend a year-round heartworm prevention to guard against the occasional infected mosquito flying about in even relatively mild winters.

    The old saying applies; "Prevention is better than cure".

    Here is a little bit on the heart worm

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    If your dog is under 25lbs, you should be giving 1 Heartgard Blue (up to25LBS) chewable once every month. If your dog is over 25LBS, then you should be giving 1 Heartgard Green (26-50LBS) chewable once a month.

    If your dog has missed more than one month of treatment, you need to call your vet and find out what they think needs to be done. Your dog may need to be tested for heartworms before you can start giving the preventative again. If you've only missed one month, it's probably safe to go ahead and give it.

    It seems like you missed some of your vet's instructions, so maybe the best thing to do is call your vet and get some clarification before giving anything to your pet. This time, make sure you pay attention.

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    It really depends on what kind of heartworm preventative you are using, read the back for directions. I recommend Heartgard, which is a once-a-month tablet that tastes good for your dog and is easy to do. Even my picky Chihuahua loves to take it. Also, I recommend that you pick and easy day to remember to give your dogs the tablet, like the 1st,15th, or last day of the month. You need to give the tablet to your dogs every month of their life.

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    I guess you mean heartworm medicine.?

    Heartguard is monthly I know.

    Depends on the drug.

    Here in the South heartworms are pretty bad. Our dog had them when he got them from the shelter. We were quoted $900 dollars to cure them.

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    Heartworm preventative needs to be given monthly. Depending on the area/climate you live in depends on if you need to give it all year round or if you only need to give it May thru November.

    It can only be started after your dog has had a negative heartworm test.

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    the Heartworm pill is usually given the first of June and every 6 months after. Only once a year.

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    Only once a month. You can get a six month supply from your vet or stop in every month when the time comes. My dog's pill only costs $6.00 and she takes a chewable. They are also available in pill form. Hope I helped!

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    it depends on the strength of the pill that you get, some are one a month some are every six months. Talk to your vet and see which one they recommend to be best.

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    Once a month, all year round.

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