have you ever visited Georgia? and is it a nice Country to visit?

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    I am from a region in the Russian Federation which borders Georgia. It's very close, and yes, I've been to Georgia. As a native of that region, I didn't find Georgia excessively interesting.

    If you are a native of America or Canada, I wouldn't recommend that you visit Georgia unless you are accompanied by someone who is familiar with the area and perhaps even the language; it could be dangerous if you go alone or without someone who is familiar with the area. Assuming that you are a native of America or Canada, you will probably find Georgia very undeveloped.

    My parents worked hard and we had a lot of luxuries that most people don't often have in the Russian Federation, but I have visited many undeveloped countries, and in spite of the conditions which I am not accustomed to in such countries, I find them fascinating. Often times the people are even some of the nicest people one could ever hope to find, but there are still people which are poor enough and desperate enough to harm others more fortunate than themselves. That's why I recommend that you travel with someone familiar with the region or that you find some sort of tour group which will travel to Georgia.

    Georgia is a very nice country with a rich history and strong culture, but it also has the economic difficulties which plague many former Soviet satellites. Traveling to Georgia could be a great experience for you if you do it smartly--like, for example, finding a tour group.

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    Do you mean Georgia?? like former member of the Soviet Union?? its a nice country if you dont end up dead or something. its a poor country so bring your own food and water supplies. The country hasn't recovered from war yet. Go visit a safer country

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