Can anybody tell me how RSS works? Details please.?

I was just reading an article out of Reuters, that it is one of the best time-savers online, and that it is getting easier to use, but I don't have a clue, although I often see the RSS logo.

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    RSS is short for "Really Simple Syndectaion". As silly as that may sound, it's official! Ok, go download a feed reader, something that takes the RSS feeds and makes them into something readable. Here's a link to a feed reader I like: . Now, download it. Now go to a website that you'd like to get RSS feed from. Try it with CNN . Go here: . Now, scroll down a bit, and you see all the RSS feeds that CNN supplies. Click on the "XML" button that leads to the feed you want. Now, go up to the address bar, and copy the adress you're on. Now, open FeedReader, and go File<New (Feed). Now, paste the adress that you copied into the "URL" box that pops up. Now put in a title for the feed that it is. Now, all you have to do to get all the new news in a subject you're interested in is open feed reader and click on the feed on the left!

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    just go to and you will find complete details.

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