Final Week Help?

Hello all

Final week dilemmas...I am in two finals this week


QB - P Manning or Garcia

RB - T. Barber, Westbrook, Ron Dayne or Fred Taylor (pick 2)

WR - TO, H. Ward, D. Stallworth or Vincent Jackson (pick 2)

D - Bears or Rams


QB - Romo, Roehtlisberger or Hasselbeck (pick 1)

RB - LT, M. Turner, Ron Dayne or Chester Taylor (pick 2)

WR - TO, Javon Walker, Roy Williams, Ronald Curry or Mark Clayton (pick 3)

D - Philly or GB

Thanks to all!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    QB - Peyton Manning, just too good of a fantasy performer to pass up.

    RB - Westbrook is your best choice, Dayne would be my second pick because he is red hot right now and playing Cleveland. Barber and taylor lose TD's to Jacobs and MOJO

    WR - TO - playing the Lions, and Stallworth

    D - The Rams are playing Minnesota with a rookie QB, but it could be high scoring, go with Chicago against interception happy Favre


    QB - I'd pick Romo just based on matchups, Roethlisberger and Hasslebeck have been pretty inconsistent all year

    RB - LT and The Great Dayne

    WR - TO, Javon Walker, and Ronald Curry

    D - Philly, Green Bay just cant handle Chicago with Grossman being more consistent lately

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  • 1 decade ago

    Garcia more efficient

    Westbrook over 1200 rushing yards this season and 600 recieving and ron dayne three tds last week

    stallworth all over the falcons secondary jackson more yards than hines ward

    bears d hasnt been good lately but will play big in final week

    Roethlisbereger wants to go out on high note

    ron dayne

    chester taylor

    javon walker playoff hunt will play hard

    mark clayton trying to keep his job

    philly d vick has a leg problem right now

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  • 1 decade ago

    For #1 QB:Peyton Manning, RB:Tiki Barber, Westbrook WR:Stallworth and TO D: Bears

    For #2 QB:Romo RB: Turner, and Dayne WR: Walker, Clayton, TO D: Philly

    Source(s): I don't think LT is playing Tomlinson, who leads the NFL with 1,749 yards, remains on 180 points for the season. It's hard to believe he won't add to that total when the Chargers finish the season against Arizona.
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  • 1 decade ago

    #1- QB- Start Peyton, are you retarted?

    RB- Tiki, he has alot, his career infact, on the line today, and Westbrook, whose team is playing for the division title today.

    WR-TO- playing for the division title, and stallworth- same case.

    D- Once again, don't be retarted, start the Bears, the rams D SUCKS!!!

    #2- Romo!- Hes the real deal, hes good man, start him and he'll rack up the points.

    RB- LT because hes a machine, and then probably Chester Taylor simply because the Vikings passing game isn't that good and hes more talented than either of the other 2 backs.

    WR- Walker since his teams playoff hopes are on the line, roy williams because hes good, and mark clayton because hes better than ronald curry

    D- Philly, GB's D blows.

    Good luck, hope you win your league, I finnished 5th in mine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is what to do!

    Garcia- he's freaking hot and confident

    Westbrook he's the reason there there also Barber

    Bears and Rams both suck... I have the Bears. Use the Bears

    I would take Romo as QB

    LT and hmmmm Taylor

    Owens Clayton you pick #3

    Pick Philly I hate the Birds but there HOT all around..Good Luck

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  • 1 decade ago


    Manning... really thats a no brainer the more they're behind, the better he does. And who knows when Garcia's gonna fall?

    Tiki Tiki! yardage beast(maybe not last week) but he's an always play kinda guy. and Westbrook (the Garcia thing)

    T.O-- as horrible as he is as a person and "teammate" he is too talented to sit. ever. Stallworth--playing for something.

    Da Bears! given the choice its obvious, and any little pressure on the Favreasaurus and it's interception city!


    Romo...he's going to wipe last week out of our memory banks.

    L.T. ---its simple, L.T. gets ball.... L.T. scores touchdown. if I had that kinda foresight at draft ranking time, I would still be playing this week. Taylor, i dont know why, but thats who id pick

    T.O, Williams, and Clayton


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