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I need to get points according to my weight for weigh watchers?

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    Scroll down to Weight Watchers Points Formula

    POINTS = ( calories / 50 ) + ( grams of fat / 12) - ( grams of dietary fiber or 4 whichever is less / 5 )

    Eat up to the number Target points per day as shown in the chart below, plus you can eat as much as 35 more Flex-Points per week.

    Partial list of Target Values:

    Body weight, Target value

    Under 150 lbs, 20

    150-174, 22

    175-199, 24

    200-224, 26

    225-249, 28

    250-274, 30

    275-299, 31

    plus you can eat as much as 35 more Flex-Points per week.

    There is also an Activity Points component where you can eat more points as a reward for exercising. (based on your weight, activity level, and amount of time exercising).

    Light activity points = wt x min x .000232

    Moderate activity points = wt. x min. x .000327

    High activity points = wt x min. x .0008077

    Or, if you know the amount of calories burned (for instance, from the display on a piece of excersize equipment), add an activity point for every 100 calories

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    1 decade ago'll get a point book.

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