I need help picking bridesmaid dresses!!?

My colors are sunset orange, pink, and coral. I'm getting married at sunset on the beach... thus the odd color selection. I just know that it will look great, but I don't know what color to make my bridesmaids!! Here are some examples of the bouquet:




What colors would you suggest????

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    first of all congrats!!!!!!!!! and i really liked the second bouquet much better since it was very simple and not too flowery and about bridesmaids, my mom's best friend just had a wedding and she also had a sunset wedding which was beautiful and she took this dress for her bridesmaids : http://www.reneesbridalnm.com/images/bridesmaid/20...

    wish u all the best!

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    I think a pretty light pink would look great. It's a color that should match all your bridesmaids skintones and will be very flattering. Also since it is on the beach I would go with something tealength and flowy. I had the perfect dress that I was going to show you but I just went looked on the website and it was a Spring 2006 dress and they already but the new collections up. They have a bunch of other really cute dresses on that same site. The website is www.jasminebridal.com. Then go look in the B2 colection. Their are a bunch and each dress comes in a variety of colors. Their are like 5 different shades of pink. Another thing to look at too is maybe pick the dress you want before you actually decide on a color because the dress may look prettier in orange rather than pink or viseversa. Good Luck!

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    Yes, I'd go with pink because it's flattering to most skin tones.

    Try to pick a style that your bridesmaids can wear again...there's nothing worse than laying out a bunch of money for something you're only going to wear once. A-line dresses are especially flattering to most shapes and sizes and that's definitely something to keep in mind.

    Since you're going to be on a beach you might go with something a little less formal...like a lovely pink blouse with some flowing white linen pants or something like that. Perhaps you could even find a floral shirt that encompasses all of your colors (tropical) and have them wear a simple khaki skirt. Just an idea.

    Congratulations and enjoy this time! Whatever you pick will be perfect and your day will be great!

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    I like the second bouquet for your bridesmaids, only smaller. I don't think bridesmaids should have a HUGE bouquet. Then you could add a few more flowers to the Maid/Matron of Honor's bouquet so she could stand out a little more.

    For the dresses, I really like pink. You could try a dress that's right below the knee since it's not as formal. Just take all of their figures into consideration. My bridesmaid's dresses were A-line and had a ribbon right underneath their breasts so it was very flattering to every figure. They all looked great! Something like this would be very pretty. That looks like the dress my girls wore only it was longer, had a sweep train I think it's called and had spaghetti straps. I like that type of dress because you can pick a different color ribbon for the Maid/Matron of Honor. That's what I did. She felt so special!


    Good luck! I know how hard it is to pick out a dress that you hope everyone will like! I know everyone says to pick out a dress they can wear again, but no matter what most likely they never will haha. Just go with what YOU like (of course listen to their opinions though) and your girls will be honored to wear it because they're in your wedding!

    Source(s): Got married August 26, 2006. I had 6 bridesmaids and a Maid of honor. Had to find a dress that they ALL liked!
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    I like the first bouquet for yours...they are both too large for the bridesmaids. I would have them carry one or two flowers with some babies breath.

    I agree with pink as well for the color. The others may make the bridesmaids look too washed out (unless they are tan). Pick out a couple of dresses you like in different colors and have the bridesmaids try them on to see what they look like. They have to wear them so they should like them too!

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    The colours look absolutely beautiful together! What would be really awesome is to get fabric which is graduated in the sunset colours, if you know what I mean, kind of like batik.

    Otherwise, I would not go with pink for the dresses at all. Maybe for a light coral, that would be really pretty.

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    I would recommend going with black bridesmaid dresses - seriously! My sister in law was married this fall with the same color scheme and her bridesmaids all wore black gowns - it was stunning! Another option would be a light cream or ivory color as well, or another neutral color like a sage green that will allow the colors in the bouquet to stand out nicely.

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    with those flowers, I would go with something either Alfred Angelo's fushia (I have a dress of that color hanging in my closet-trust me it would be perfect!) or this sunset orange color shown in this pic I'm including from PC Mary's (I attended a wedding with this color bridesmaids-I'm not a fan of orange, but it was a pretty orange that would work well with your flowers and it's not to overbearing or pumpkin-y!) I think your color combo is BEAUTIFUL by the way! Hope this helps! goos luck!

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    My solution would be to have each of the girls find a dress that flattered their figure and have them chose the color that best suits their skin tone. This way, you'd get a variety of colors and dresses. Just like your boquets are varied, so could the dresses be. Especially for an outdoor wedding. They tend to be a little less formal and the best news for your friends is that they might have an opportunity to wear them again!

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    What a bummer that they are providing you with this form of annoying time. i comprehend you mentioned you need them to all have a similar dress, have you ever appeared on the different recommendations for various outfits? There are some extremely advantageous collections the place the outfits are made to bypass with one yet another yet your bridesmaids can decide on a sort that they are mushy in. basically something to think of roughly. yet I additionally like your concept of choosing out some and having them %. between them. yet i could decrease it to 2 outfits to decrease the possibility of all of them choosing a different one after which you're lower back at sq. one. sturdy luck!

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    you have the colors you want how ablut letting the bridesmaids pick wich one. at my wedding i knew the color i wanted but not the style so i had each girl pick her on style with some rules of coures but that way each girl looked good in the dress they had to wear it turned out great angd the girls were very happy. besides thats why you have bridesmaids so they can help you with thins like this.

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