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Men, What's the longest relatioship you've been in and how long did it take you to completely get over her?

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    3 years and she was great for every one of them. I left her for a stupid reason and she was smart enough to know better. I never totally got over her. I compare every date to her.

  • 4 years. It took about a year to get over her.

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    9 years. It has been on and off. But I think its over for sure now. Its hard to let go of someone so dear to your heart. But I try to see the person for what they are now as opposed to what they once were.

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    10 Years and it took about 2 to get them out of my head.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Fourteen years. Mother of my children.

    Still not completely over her, and it's been seven years since the divorce (though I wouldn't live with her again).

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    Hey there

    The longest and the only relation I have been into is for around three yearsas of now and still continuing......

    It took me around 15 Minutes to get along with her and since then we are together..........

    Touch Wood....Nothing happens to it and wanna die together....

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    31 years and will never get over really --- first love mother of our 3 children

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    11 years.....she passed away 2 years ago, so I am not completely over her yet.

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    12 years and going thru a divorce-dont know how long it takes

    I am still figuring that out.

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    3 and a half years. we are still together.

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