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If a guy im dating asks me if i wantn to spank him, what does that mean?

does that mean he's submissive?

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    It means he's into some kinky fun - and yes, he's submissive to some degree. But maybe he's a switch - does he also want to spank you?

    If the idea of spanking - and/or being spanked - doesn't repel you, go for it. Could lead to some great sex.

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    Perhaps he has been unfaithful to you and is asking for punishment. The traditional method is to take a baseball bat, or if in UK, a cricket bat and give him a good whack on the head - and don't hold back. His question does not mean that he is submissive, but I can guarantee that he will be in future and never stray again..................

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    well, I know what is it ....he might a be masochist ...some guys get really turn on by this is highly sexual fetish ..he wants to show you how much he loves and wants to be your slave, he asks you to spank him, because he wants you to dominate him , so he can submit you completely ....

    hope that helps ..!!

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    No, that means he's "role playing". It's a sexual thing, that turns him on. (I'd beat the sh*it outta him!)

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    not really. it sounds to me he might be a freak in the bed

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    it means he likes it

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    he's asking u if you like his butt...I should know....

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