Doing some landscaping. What are the pros & cons of xylosma?

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    XYLOSMA (zye-LOZ-muh) X. congestun

    large, tall as wide shrub or trained hedge.

    extremely drought tolerant (once established)

    low maintenance

    has many uses, great background shrub. (resembles ficus benj)

    crisp, med green foliage

    tolerant of poor soil


    watch for white-fly (tho rare)

    a four star winner in the larger shrub family.

    Source(s): Garden Dok MS, MG. Univ of Calif MASTER GARDENER
  • Xylosma is grown in desert and chapparel conditions.It is usually used as a hedge and can also be trained as a tree,about 20 ft. tall.Produces small yellow flowers and small black berries.Very hardy in right conditions.

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