Wireless Networks.?

We have two laptops. One Compaq and the other HP - both new, fast and wirelss capable. We are sitting in the kitchen, computers side by side and the list of wireless networks available are different. Different connections and the individual connections differ in strength. Can anyone explain this.

Secondly, we have set up a wireless router - cable - at my inlaws and their wireless router connection isn't the strongest signal. It is in the basement. How can I make their signals stronger?

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    As for the first question, I assume both machines are using the same router for the wireless access point. So the only thing left is wireless card that each uses. There is probably some minor difference in them.

    As for the second question. You have two choices. Buy a stronger router and move your existing router closer to your wireless products.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In regards to the first, different hardware for the wireless cards will definately have an impact on the ability to pull in weak signals, varying strengths, etc. In regards to your second issue, radio waves usually travel what they call 'line of sight'. If the router is located in the basement, the upper floors will definately see a weak signal, with the strongest area of the house being the basement. The easiest way to increase the signal would be to relocate the router to an area where the computers are commonly located, or at a minimum, on the same floor.

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