Wat wud u had done if u were in place of my gf?

i had a gf and last jan she got married(it was our mutual decision coz our family was against it and we both decided to remain just frds n she got married)

i think she is ignoring me n dont want me anymore in life(its my thinking).all my frds says that she is rite..she has moved on n i shd move as well but i just cant. i will love her forever bt i dont have any complain with her just few questions in my mind hope u gals can answer it.pur urself in her place an answer.1)i miss her alot..u also still miss me? 2)i will always keep u in my heart n wants to be ur frd..wat u think of me? 3)do u feel like meeting me or contacting me?4)do u still remember that lovely time we had together? 5)u have started loving ur husband now, so wats my place in ur life? pls answer these question i will be highly thankful. i miss her alot. i love her and will love forever

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    Move on. She's someone else's wife now.

    Anything that you do to try to continue the relationship you think you have with her will only cause pain to at least three people.

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    1 decade ago

    OK so you had a sad story dear...but for my bf who had been so loving and caring and understanding, i have the following answers:

    1. Yes, i still miss you.

    2. There is nothing wrong to be friend, but the problem is that if my hubby comes to know that i am still in touch with my ex-bf, he would be hurt. I have a happy married life, which is a result of OUR sacrifice..i can't let it go into ruins.

    3. No. Even though i want to talk to you, this may create a problem in my married life.

    4. Yes, whenever my hubby hurts me, when i feel alone, when i look at stars in the night, i remember the BEST time we had together...

    5. You are still important, though i can't express it. Nobody can forget love..and human heart is too big. It has place for all and you have a special place in it.

    So that's what her answer could be if she is like me.

    Time will wash away all wounds..i'll pray to god that you feel better and get someone to be with you on your journey ahead.

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    She probably does miss you as a friend, and will have a place in her heart for you. However to marry someone else has shown she's moved on with her new life, and her new husband may not want you in the picture which is why she may not be talking to you. She will remember the time you had together and look back with fond memories, but she has a marriage to create more memories.

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    1st of all I praise u for being so loyal, and at the same time, feel sorry for the situation ur having...but friend, there'll be at least ONE WAY OUt of any problem,trust me.I'm sorry to say that if I am her, and I am loving my husband now, I don't think I still think of my old boyfriend(If I truly in love with this new husband of mine) but if I don't love my husband now, I think I'd have all my days thinking of u...yeah, missing u, feel like calling u,remembering the moments 'we' share together...all sweet things about 'us'...But that's only if I don't love my husband..and do u think ur gf loves her husband now? If she doesn't, she might feels like I do now, but if it's the opposite, I guess u SHOULD MOVE ON...ur friends are rite, experiences teach us to be maturer, so why don't u treat this experience as a lesson?? Don't be sad, there are more sweet girls out there for u, and about the WONDERFUL memories u two shared together, just let it be one best thing in ur mind before u'll find urself involved with more sweetier memories with this coming new perfect girl for u....good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    The situation you state is not unique. Many guys and girls have found themselves in similar situations. There is only one thing you can do and that is to move on and let her live her life with her husband. The fact that your family and her family were against your marriage has hurt her and you and she has resolved to let things be as they are. She has decided to put you out of her life and does not consider you a friend probably because she loves her family and doesn't want to upset them. Obviously she did not love you as much as you loved her otherwise it would just as hard for her to let go as it is you, but this is not the case. I know it is hard but you must move on. No, she will not contact you from what you have told me and I doubt very seriously if she thinks of you in any romantic terms.

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  • hunny it does seem like she has moved on...though u all have decided to remain friends she doesnt seem to keep in contact much with you....shes married so it wouldnt be right now to go up to her and tell her your feelings..if she is true to her vows she wont even consider what u have to say..I know this hurts you alot but just remember even though u love her it would prolly be best if u moved on as well...I know its hard to move on but there are other fish in the sea...and when u find someone else who will make u feel the same way youll be glad you did move on.. u may thinks this girl is the only one for you...but have you looked elsewhere or even considered???....if you need to talk my yahoo id is thegirlu_wishuhad07 IM me somtime id love to chat with you and help u anyway i can.

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    You need to leave her alone. She is married and belongs to someone else. You have no right to come between a husband and wife.

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    You must let go and find someone else. You are wanting to break up her marriage talking like you are talking. That is wrong. As soon as you find someone else, the hurting will stop.

  • 1 decade ago

    You need to move on . She is married now and her attention goes to her husband !

  • 1 decade ago

    Forgive n forget her.Start to search a new one as that's the best way out.

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