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What is Eid Al Adha holiday about for Muslims? Please any Arab/Muslim write to me more about it?

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What does Eid Al Adha mean?

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    if you're a christian, you'll have heard of abraham. to muslims, he is the prophet abraham sent by allah to gather the people of his time to pray to allah and take only HIM as the god. prophet abraham had been very much tested on his patience as well as faith by allah. after being married with sarah for a very long time, they were not rewarded with a child. hence, sarah surrendered herself and suggested prophet abraham to marry their maid, hajjar. hence, after their marriage, ismail was born. hajjar and ismail had been ordered to go to MACCA as prophet abraham wanted to take care of sarah's heart so as not to break it as she had sacrificed herself to allow prophet abraham to marry a second wife. so hajjar and baby ismail stayed in macca, then a desert. as years passed.. ismail grew up. he too was a prophet of allah. one night, prophet abraham dreamt of the order of allah to sacrifice his son. the next day, he woke up and looked sorrowfully. prophet ismail had asked why. with hesitation, prophet abraham told him of the order from allah. initially, prophet ismail was doubtful but, he soon realised if that was truly the order from allah, he wouldnt mind being sacrificed, although by his own father. hence, with heavy reluctance .. they both proceeded to a mountain and prepared for the great sacrifice. as soon as everything was ready, prophet abraham took a sharp knife and placed it on prophet ismail's neck.. however, within a split second, with allah's might and power.. He had replaced prophet ismail with a sheep from heaven.. and it turned out that the sheep had been sacrificed. hence, this event proved the faith instilled in both prophets' hearts towards allah and His true religion islam. thus, as to celebrate the success of the sacrifice by prophet abraham and ismail as well as the belief that allah is the almighty, muslims all over the world celebrate Eid Al Adha during the month of hajj.

    i hope, that helps you a little. you may do your own little research on this should you further query. =D

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    Eid Al Adha is a holiday that lasts 4 days unlike Eid AL Fitr.

    Adha means sacrifice usually means sacrificing a domestic animal.

    It marks the end of Hajj, and it has to do with Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son for God..

    for more info:

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    I'm both, so here it goes,

    Eid Aladha is called in english, if i'm not mistaken, the fest of sacrifice.

    The word "eid" is like holiday, happy day, and the word "Adha" is sacrifice.

    In this eid, which is around 4 days, we celebrate the day when the prophet Abraham was tested by God and passed the test.

    The test was that he had a dream, and prophets don't have meaningless dreams, In his dream he saw himself sacrificing his son to God. And when he woke up he told his son, and his son as a believer told him that he has to do what God has ordered.

    As they were about to do the scarification, God sent an angel with a big sheep and told Abraham that they passed the test and that God has sent this sheep to be sacrificed instead of his son Isaac .

    We muslims believe in all the prophets because they all carried the same message of submitting to the well of God who created us all. So we celebrate that happy day and also sacrifice an animal, this animal is not taken by the one who sacrifice, but most of it is given to the poor and needy.

    It's very important because we only have two eids in the whole year, Eid El Fitr, which comes after ramadan, And this one.

    Source(s): Muslim+Arab
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    Eid ul adha is also known as eid ul zuha is a festival celebrated by muslims to mark the obedience of the beloved prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) in which they sacrifice a goat sheep or a camel or a cow by cuttin its jugular vein which stops all its feeling of pain.

    The incident sez that when the prophet had a recurring dream of Allah swt asking him to sacrifice his most beloved posession

    contd in source

    Source(s): He readily agreed to sacrifice his son ie. His most beloved posession. he did so by blind folding his son and himself so that he doesnt turn weak by lookin at his son but when he opened his eyes after the sacrifice by Allahs mercy there was a sheep in his sons place and his son was standin by his side safe and unharmed
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    i think the 2nd answer told everything about it

    if u wanna ask other questions iam at your service

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