What to do when clients that i rented the apartment to disturbs the neighborhood and i get complaints?

Ok, so i installed a fire alarm in the hosue, that is approximately 20-25 feet from the kitchen stove in the ceiling. I have put one of those air venter things on top of the stove that removes smoke from cooking that prevent the alarm going off too easily. Now the problem is, the clients i rented my house too refuse to use the venter and everytime the alarm goes off, REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING (meaning using a newspaer to waft away the smoke, open the window etc.) the alarm will sometime stay on for like half an hour and it is loud so my neighbors are ...unhappy. What should i do? It this my fault or is the client responsible?

P.S. they are pretty...unreasonable people too :)

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    If the stove is electric, have an electrician wire the range hood blower into just behind the main lead-in for the stove's power, and remove the knob control on the blower.

    If they need to use the stove, the blower comes on, too...all by itself! And if they don't care for that, they can move.

    Problem solved, either way.

    Good Luck!

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    To start eviction procedures, you need quite a bit of documentation. Start documenting everything - dates, times, responses. As this is an apartment, there might be a covenant or other sort of agreement that they must meet (you could start there).

    But it is a battle to evict. I venture to say that it's easier to just wait out a lease period (less than a year remaining?) Do NOT renew the lease -- once it's up, they're out. That is your right, and, in most places, you do not have to give a reason on why the lease is not being extended.

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    Evict them. I live next to a house with crappy renters and you know what I have started doing? Calling code enforcement. At some point that will trigger some serious $$ for the owner. You piss off the neigbhors enough by renting to slobs you can expect some retaliation.

  • marie
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    When you get a complaint, they get a letter saying that they are in violation of the lease (assuming the lease has something about noise violations). If you don't have this in the lease you're screwed. You can send them a 5-day notice of eviction but before you do that, you should consult a lawyer.

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    I would explain to them that the right quiet enjoyment of the property is for all tenants. And if they continually disturb your other tenants because they refuse to use the equipment in the apartment, they will have to move. I hope you are doing a background check and actually calling for references on your propective tenants before you let them move in.? If not, you should.

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    Send them written notice that unless they comply and use the vent that they must vacate. Unfortunately, renters have more rights than owners, as we found out. You can contact your local Housing authority to find out what legal action you can take but I'd make it clear: cooperate or get out.

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    tell them to get out and dump their stuff outside in the night if they don't

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