have you ever been with someone you can't understand ?

my ex-gf have been a complicated person with a completely different style of thinking ... I was feeling very very bad when I see that her thinkings are completely different from I am used to ...especially in terms of beliefs..what is good for me , is what is bad for her, and what is bad for me, is what is good for her ...It makes me suffers a lot , because I had to change my thinking style to try to accept what I was convinced was totally bad, and I have to readapt myself , and spend months studiying her phislosophy of thinking to try to feel good .... I have been able to understand her ...It's only when I got out of this relationship and ger my with back that I finally take a long time apart to understand her ..Have you ever experienced that in a relationship before, where you feel bad, because your partner is thinking completely different from you , and from major people, especially in terms of beliefs ...?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All hetero men, are involved with someone they don't understand.. where you been?

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah. Different in terms of approach to problems. She would drink and when we disagreed she would look to others that thought the other way to justify her actions. You should ultimately be who you are and try not be something you are not. I see u made a lot of sacrifices and you are good to do that, but once you become something you are not, that's bad. I'm glad she's an ex

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    1 decade ago

    Sometimes you feel like you are both speaking in different languages, but think about how boring it would be if you were totally similar.

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