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Shall I ever trust a man that cheated on me?

now he wants me as a friend. God knows why

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    Kick him to the curb! And fast.

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    After all has been said and done there is always room to forgive and discern what next step a relationship can take. Most times we are let down on the issues of peripheral or bordeline acceptance, conscience makes us cowards. Trust your consience, discern and move on you are never alone at the end of the day and much happier then.

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    Trust should and needs to be earned. If he's broken your trust, which he has, he needs to earn it back and he needs to be told that.

    You should only take him back as a friend if you think you can handle the damage he's caused you emotionally from the failed relationship. If you decide to become friends with him, it should be a slow friendship.

    Who knows he might do better as a friend then a partner and self disclosure should be limited until you know what he is capable and not capable of handling and only disclose what you feel you're ready to.

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    It depends.

    If you love, you still trust him with the hope that he will repent.

    If don't love, you will suspect even the loyal one, because everybody and everything keep on changing.

    God knows, but He lets things occur as He has ordained by divine laws.

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    the answer is NO. Never trust people who been animals to you . if you accept this person back i guarantee you that he will do the same again in the future

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    No way, once someone cheats it keeps getting easier.

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    I wouldn't trust him

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    hopes to keep you available.

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    No... ...he wants to be your friend, so he can keep hittin' it.

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