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what is the way of improoving your impotency? without taking medicine like vigra etc?

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    Stay away from fatty foods and not much alcohol before sex. Best time is early mornings.

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    Fruit,Wheat germ,Oats,ect.

    most of the time you lose impotency because of the foods you eat heavy foods such as red meat or foods high in sugar are better to stay away from or cut down to small portions.

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    don't smoke, drink some alcohol but not too much. Wear loose clothing, eg boxer shorts instead of tight. get out and mix with people face-to-face instead of spending hours on the computer.

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    1 decade ago

    Whats wrong with Viagra?

    It works.

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    1 decade ago

    Looking at pics of ugly women will improve it.

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    Viagra is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction (impotence) but if you want a natural way to increase your potence here u are some advices:

    Men love sex and eating, but not all of them are aware of the fact that food they have can improve their sexual health. The point is that some food products enhance male sexual potence, greatly increase libido and help maintain sexual activity at any age. It does not matter whether you suffer from lack of energy or atherosclerosis or simply want your body to produce high quality sperm. Make some changes in your diet! This will considerably improve your sexual health and sex life in future

    Food product:Eggs

    Effect: you enjoy sex longer

    This will be your third date with this pretty girl whom you met in laundry. Your agitation tortures you : “Is she going to have sex with me? What does she expect me to do in bed?”. Relax and try to calm down your nerves, to say nothing of other parts of your body. Even if you are going to take her to a restaurant, have dinner before your date. In your case the best dinner is any sort of egg dish. Fried eggs, omelet or boiled eggs – all these dishes are a perfect source of vitamin B which helps to get rid of stress and nervousness and positively influences sexual health as well as health in general.

    Being worried, nervous or depressed usually means lack of vitamin B. Always have enough amount of this vitamin. It will make you calm and self-confident. No early ejaculation! Have fun!

    Food product: Vanilla ice-cream

    Food product: Vanilla ice-cream

    Ice-cream is a product which increases erection duration. Ice-cream is reach in calcium and phosphor – two minerals increasing libido and generally improving sexual health. A usual ice-cream cone contains circa 200 mg of calcium i.e the dose which if taken every day is likely to make your orgasm more intensive. The fact is that muscles responsible for ejaculation need calcium to contract properly.

    But choose vanilla ice-cream, rather than another one, let’s say chocolate. Results of scientific researches show that smell of vanilla makes men relaxed and calm by releasing them from stress and depression.

    Food product:Liver

    Effect: improves sperm quality

    There is no better source of vitamin A than liver. Vitamin A is one of the most necessary for sexual health as it increases fertility. Results of scientific researches show that men whose diet contains enough amount of vitamin A have better sperm and higher libido in comparison with those who do not care about such minor things as presence of enough vitamins in food they have

    In addition liver is a perfect source of zinc. Every time you ejaculate you loose about 5 mg of zinc that is circa one third of daily need of this micronutrient element. Therefore even one passionate week-end is likely to exhaust all the accumulated zinc in your body.

    Food product. Blueberry

    Effect:contributes to good erection

    Believe it or not, these berries improve increase libido and work better than any drug. Blueberry is the one of the best food products for middle aged men who suffer from erectile dysfunctions and other sexual health problems.

    Blueberry is reach in water-soluble cellulose which helps to push extra cholesterol through your digestive system before it absorbs and accumulates inside vessels walls. In addition water-soluble cellulose contains some compounds which improve circulation of blood.

    What are the advantages of low cholesterol and quickening of blood circulation? These are 1. Better blood supply of your penis 2. More steady erections.

    To improve your sexual health and in particular erection you are recommended to have blueberry at least three or four times a week.

    if u want more read here

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