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How long does it take for bleach to bleach black hair?

I'm not bleaching my whole head. But I've done this before.

I checked it out through the tinfoil and it seemed white --- so I took it off. But once I washed it It was more brown.

I'm not sure how long to wait.

And this black is raven black.

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    There are alot of things it depends it natural black or dyed black? Your hair texture makes a difference too. If you are having trouble lifting it you may want to check with a salon. Pretty much anyone can get platinum hair..sometimes it just takes a specialist

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    Ahh I hate to say but I've had black hair my whole life and I have had it bleached professionally and it still didn't turn out. I was at the salon for 4 hours the first time and then another visit to finish I was ther for 3 more hours. You can't leave that stuff in too long because it can cause your hair to fall out or just break off near the roots. Only use the max recommended on the box.GL

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    on an identical time as you could purchase the factors your self from maximum hair-care shops, i does no longer propose it. to bypass from black to a platinum blond will require an extremely solid developer, and probable repeat bleaching, which could be particularly confusing on the hair. in case you do p.c. to do this your self, you will might desire to purchase 2 products - developer cream and bleach powder. a classification 3 developer is the main effective i might recomend for a newbie, despite while you are trying for platinum blond. A commercial dye job can selection extremely plenty in fee finding on area, yet generally speaking you ought to be able to get it completed for US$30-50. on an identical time as this might seem a sprint costly, it relatively is a small fee to pay - as the variety of stringent bleaching can very surely lead on your hair completely falling out if no longer completed good.

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    Depends on several your hair colored black or naturally black?, if its colored with permanent color it may never get blonde, black is hard to get out, also what type of bleach are you using? Professional? If its just some stuff from the store it may not be strong enough to pull the color out, it just dosent stay active for the time it takes to get the results you want, Its very tricky,

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    It varies from person to person. I suggest leaving it on twice as long as you did before. You will need to use a toner afterward to get a good color.

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    it took mine 2 or 3 minutes starting changes as soon as it was on my head

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    soak your hair in LEMON and go outside in the HOT sun the acid in the lemon will bleach it!

    yes it does work!

    and its safer then bleach!

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